Rd 3 Match Reports 19/20
Date of Event Sorrento Duncraig Senior Cricket Club: Wed Nov 6, 2019 7:40PM
Niall Callaghan's 6-22 guided the O'Rourke Realty A Grade to their first win of the season

A Grade


SDCC 9-182 (Dunstan 34, Callaghan 20*) def Ballajura-Landsdale (Callaghan 6-22, Wells 3-27)


Facing the newly composed side of Ballajura Landsdale in their own backyard would seem like a difficult prospect for most…Not a certain Englishman though…Mick James won the toss and we went into bat with a lineup getting stronger the lower it went. A steady start from the top 4 (if you don’t include Liam Hunter) set the Viking boys on their way. Pete O’Mara, Gav Higgins and Tristan Burgoyne all made it into the 20’s and Rodney Dunstan turned up for his first game of A grade for the club to drive his way to a comfortable 34. BL thought the end was near when Rod fell…little did they know. With 6 overs to go before the end of the day the big man himself stepped to the crease carrying on from his inspirational 4* in round 14 last season. After seeing Nathan Sims bowl on Niall’s pads and get flicked to the boundary again and again, Jason Noble thought he’d try something different. He bowled a ball on length that swung in and seamed out but still found the middle of the Bradbury bat. Rumour has it Niall’s mum found the ball the next day when she was tending to the gardens by her front door. The Vikings finished the day 9/182!


Come week 2 we knew what we had to do…Knock them over before 5pm so we could watch the rugby grand final. Wellsy got us off to a great start by sending Rakich back for nothing and their number 3 not long after, with Hoppy backing him up with pace at the other end. Then the time came, Micky tossed the ball to Niall and said, “finish them off for us mate”. Now, if you ask Haylea you’ll know he always does as he’s told. After a dismal start to the season with no wickets in the first two rounds and a high economy rate, he trundled in, found the edge of the bat and fed the boys behind the stumps. Everyone thought it might have just been a bit of luck until he did it again and again and again and again! His first A grade 5fa and thanks to a brilliant catch from Hoppy at mid-on Niall finished the day with 6/22 off 11 overs. With 5 catches for Rod, 3 wickets for Wellsy and the final from Gav, Ballajura Landsdale were dismissed for 107.


We went back in for 2nd innings hit and made a handy 75 runs thanks to Micky and young Flynn Rose’s efforts. Niall had his pads on again and was raring to go but luckily for BL time ran out.


A great first win of the season for A grade and they will be backing it up against Wanneroo this weekend at Niall’s second home.


D Grade


SDCC 118 (Dunstan 37) & 9d – 145 (Mitchell 32, Catalfamo 30, Clayton 33) def WGCC 102 (Parker 5-39)


E Grade


Waneroo 219 (Rego 3-25) def SDCC 102 & 5-66


Bowling on day 1 started off well taking 2 wickets, having them 2 for 21.  A partnership we could not break began taking them to 103, however did little with only two wickets falling on their way to 200 when Herbert got the break through after some quality bowling.  This opened the floodgates for B Rego (3/25) and T Elson (2/17) to destroy the tail.  Elson was on bowling with ice skates on however, took his two in consecutive balls bringing on a hattrick ball.  He came steaming in and delivered a no-ball full toss.  Wanneroo ended up their innings for 219 with nothing coming from the tail.


After losing Fallows overnight on 5 we started day two solidly with Watson and Mohr putting on 20 together before Watson was clean bowled.  Garcia came and went for zero bring Marlow in who took an aggressive approached, scoring quickly.  With Marlow taking on the attack Mohr was bowled bringing Dean to the cerase. Marlow was then bowled soon after which began the Viking collapse.  We were then rolled for 102 with D O’Mara and M Mohr top scoring on 16.


Being sent in to bat again wickets began to fall and we found ourselves at 2/19.  Garcia and Marlow began to build momentum putting on 29 together until Marlow was again bowled.  D O’Mara (0) and W Clayton (4) came and went.  Elson (4) held strong to finish the day with Garcia (20) bringing our 2nd innings total score to 5/66.


G Grade


SDCC 149 (Foreman 42, Harrison 32, Richardson 27) vs Kingsley/Woodvale 143 (Richardson 4/15, George 4/17) and 3/105


The grand final rematch and I’m sure ‘Kingas’ were looking to exact some revenge from their defeat in the big dance last season, thought their team, along with ours had several new faces! Lost the toss and were sent into the field, and that decision looked to work initially as they worked to 60 odd without loss at the 1st drinks break after negotiating Blowfish, Daws, Sharpey and Cam Emery, who all had a go out trying to grab that opening wicket. But things turned on its head as Cam bagged the opener Rowston who got a pretty quick 50, soon after drinks and not long after Sharpey got the other ‘stodgey’ opener snicked off to slip. (Didn’t think I’d catch anything below my knees!) That started the tumble and 2 more wickets from the skip (4/17) at the northern end and at tea they were 4 down for around 90. The session after tea was more of the same as Chadd (4/15) got his 1st wkt for the Vikings, and another 4 wkts in total left them at 8 down for 120ish. We polished them off after the last drinks break ending the innings at 143, with Chadd grabbing a 4fa on debut, a fairly handy contribution. With 40 mins left there was time to erase some of that deficit and Sammy Harrison (32) did the bulk of the scoring (with 9 in the field!) and unfortunately lost his wicket with a 50 in the offing and with Cam Emery and Willsy also back in the shed, Daws walked out to face the last over from a pretty fired up opening bowler. It was negotiated successfully and ended day 1 with over a 3rd of the total done and dusted (3/51).

Day 2 was met with some overnight rain and still drizzling early in the morning. Glad it blew over and play started on time. The only hitch was that Daws had contacted me earlier to say that a Karma Sutra position didn’t suit him and left him hardly able to move his neck. He retired hurt before play and hoping he wasn’t going to be needed with just over 90 to get to gain the win. SHoppy stepped up into that position with Forey to face the early overs and looked good until he gave 1st slip catching practice. Frenchy, looking scratchy and after given an early life, his luck ran out and was bowled. Chadd joined Forey and steadied until drinks and though only the 2 wickets fell in the 1st session, still needed another 40 odd. That job became harder when Forey (42) looking towards claiming a 50 fell short after drinks, and again bowled. Sharpey (15) looked good from the start and shared a good partnership with Chadd and we were nearly there when he fell at 130. Another newby Sean came and went (adding a Kuiper to his debut!) at 131, and on the same score skip lost his off stump too. With 13 to get and 1 wicket left Daws, with limited movement from the shoulders up, courageously walked in to support Chadd (27) who was looking more comfortable as the day went on. A few nicely timed boundaries got us home and he was the last man out on 149, completing a memorable debut for him with ball and bat!! Kingas went out for another bat and Rowston had another good day to steal his second 50 for the match and at 5.20pm called an end to proceedings. (Have to get him early when we front up the return one day game later in the season!)


Wow, it was a tight finish in the end chasing a relatively small total but hopefully we will learn from that and keep us in good stead for any future close tussles. Well done to Chadd who, as I said before, had a blinder and kept us in the game on both days, Forey and Sammy who scored at a click to get us close and to Daws who bravely held up one end to defy the bowlers.


H Grade


WGCC 5d -286 def SDCC 139 & 5-86 (Campbell 33)


Round 3 was the second of back to back 2 day games and after our frist win the week before we were looking on building on that. Day one was a warm day so won the toss and decided to have a bat. We got off to a good start with me and pine making 26 and 23. Just after the frist drinks break we were 2 for 60. The boys battled away hard up until tea. We were facing come good bowling didn't really give us anything that we could easily get away. Goss mad a nice 27 before he got out as well. After tea we fell apart and lost 6 for 24 and the last 4 wickets falling for 0. We ended with a total of 139 seens as we were playing a team full of under 20s we thought if we could get on top of them early we could give It a good shot. At the close of play we had them 2 for 57 with them in the box seat. Kahlil and mark with a wicket each.


Day 2 of the game came with a blow we lost 2 of our players and could not get replacements so we played the day with 10 men. With very little bowling options and some tired old legs we were beaten just After the drinks break but the boys never gave up fight hard to take 6 wickets. Just after the tea break they declared on 285. We were back in so I changed the order a little bit so everyone got a good go. Kahlil and marshy batted well. Also a mention that pratty got run out off the bowlers hand off a straight drive from kahlil very unlucky. Overall disappointing game nerd a win next game to stay in the hunt but good effect by all the boys.


J Grade


SDCC 292 (Gilbert 155, Kelland) def Edgewater 8-74 (Wells 5-36) & 7-61 (Patel 3-21, Wells 3-20)


Round 3 against Edgewater. A fine afternoon at Robin, lost the toss and sent in to bat. Great start. Lost an early one with Kanakis, and in came Eamon. Looking up, realised they only had 9 on the field and he took full advantage of that. Having a partnership with Tommy Kelland of 120 put us in a strong position. Tom finishing with an explosive 35. Weir came in and fired to 23 until caught out on a stupid shot last ball before tea. Eamon losing men around him decided it was time to let loose and ended on 155. All out for 292.


Had the final hour to bowl on day one, started with a struggle with as expected, they were looking after wicket. Atish Patel bowled well through it all but it was Isaac Wells who got us two wickets before stumps. The following week, wickets were falling. With only 9 batsmen, we got them all out for 74 in just over an hour on day 2, and Isaac taking 5. We sent them back in, thinking we could get them again in 45 odd overs. We were wrong. We bowled well but they put a giant price on there wicket and kept us from get the out-right but a wins a win. Atish and Isaac took 3 a piece in the second innings, giving Isaac 8 for the match and Atsih with 5 for the match.

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